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Automated POS provides  Point of Sale products and services. To know more about us click  here.

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Automated POS 
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Automated POS 
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Based on your organization’s unique requirements, Automated POS helps select the appropriate POS solutions for your organization.

Successful deployment of POS solutions includes the following activities:  

  • Identify your organization business processes to be addressed
  • Develop comprehensive IS specifications based on the current and future needs of your organization
  • Evaluate and select POS components with regard to how well they meet the specifications and other criteria. The organization must be intensively involved in evaluating the POS options
  • Data Integration: Help integrate data in the new system
  • Pilot Testing: Evaluate the realization of the value of the system against the desired value of the organization before any system customization
  • Change Management: Management should involve their employees and prepare them mentally to deal with the new system that would change the environment and the working-style for the better, which affects not only one or two operations but all
  • Professional Development: Proper use of technology and proper training should be considered for a smooth transition to the new system
  • Testing and Go Live: Provide a test by implementing a real project and making necessary functionality tests before going live.